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Why Have an Akashic Record Soul Profile Reading…?

You may be curious about the Akashic Records and wonder what they have to offer you. The Akashic Records are a tremendous source on many aspects of our lives. They influence our feelings, our choices, our actions, and also influence our beliefs and our circumstances both positive and negative.


The Akashic Records holds our dreams, our inspirations, and also affects our aspirations. They contain patterns that have a hold on us…thus holding us back, creating challenges we must confront if we want to live our life to our highest good and potential. We want to know who we are at our Divine nature and our authentic spiritual selves.


All of these insights and revelations are available to us through an Akashic Records reading if…that reading is done properly and professionally…and with the proper permission and with reverence. It is always best to have your Akashic Records reading done by an intuitive reader who is not only highly intuitive…but is highly qualified to do an Akashic Records reading on your behalf…such as Dr. Dan.


The reason for this is…an Akashic Records intuitive is more impartial and objective and can access your records without judgment. An Akashic Records intuitive accesses your records with clarity and is able to determine your Soul origin, choices, and action that may be affecting your life in many negative ways you may…or may not be fully aware of.


Regardless of what area of your life you may want or need help with…your relationships, career, family, health, or your finances. An Akashic Records reading will yield much information about who you are at Soul Level. And can be…in most cases, the absolute solution to your problems, situations, or circumstances.


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“…Throughout the ages man has sought to look behind the veil that hides him from tomorrow. And through the ages certain men have looked into an oracle and seen…is it some quality of the oracle itself…or does the gazer merely use it to turn his gaze inward…? Who knows what visions may come…but slowly visions do come…and the shifting shapes begin to clear…allowing the gazer to see into the mists of time…”

Dr. Dan – Diviner of Destinies

“Your Destiny in Not a Matter of Chance…It is a Matter of Choice. It is Not Something to be Waited For…But Something to be Achieved…The Question Is: How Do You Know What Your Choices Are…?”

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Testimonial: “I have studied people who are gifted with intuitive abilities for over 27 years. I have met and consulted with dozens over the years. In almost every way, I consider Dr. Dan the most highly gifted of all. He helps as well as astounds.”     Rita B. Paradise Valley, AZ


Benefits of a Soul Profile Reading by Dr. Dan

It is important to understand a reading should be uplifting and empowering. Readings should leave you with the feeling that you have more options, insight and peace of mind. A reading is meant to help you sort out current situations…and give you a deeper understanding of your past and give you possible outcomes for your future.

Your future has many outcomes…depending on the path you choose to follow. In other words, if you keep going in the direction you have been going…then the probability of the outcome is predictable. After your reading…you should have a deeper understanding of the changes you may need to make…that can change the outcome of your situation for your highest good.

The beauty of all this is…once you have an idea of where you are going…and you are armed with new knowledge from your reading…you are empowered to make better choices for a more desirable outcome.

Dr. Dan is not a mere fortune teller…fortune tellers tell you that what is in your future is more absolute and the events in your future they see…will happen. Dr. Dan firmly believes in free will and your right to choose…and once you have better insight into your situation as a result of your reading with Dr. Dan…you can make more and better informed decisions based upon the content and information you received from your reading.


Specific Benefits of a Reading by Dr. Dan Are:

(Listed Benefits May Not be Relevant for All Readings or Circumstances)

I help you gain insight into your relationships. I give you insight on career decisions and the possibilities that lie ahead. I help you with guidance concerning your finances. I help you unravel your past so understanding your present can make your future clearer. I help increase the awareness of your situation and suggest possible options. I empower you to make difficult decisions and changes in your life. I help you get centered so moving forward with your life is easier. I help give you peace of mind and more confidence. I help put your heart at ease and help reduce worry and fear.

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What Are My Qualifications: From the mid 1980’s to the early 1990’s, I enrolled in classes at the University of Metaphysics, earning a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science. I am an ordained member of the International Metaphysical Ministries and am also a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor and Metaphysical Practitioner with studies in Parapsychology.

In 2004, I was a University Research Associate…specializing in the study of: Man, Mind, and the Universe. My Holistic Life Path Advising certification is through the Holistic Life Coaching Institute, a division of the University of Sedona and is recognized and sanctioned worldwide.

I am the author of numerous articles, booklets and instructional information regarding using, learning, and sharing psychic, extrasensory, and intuitional gifts and abilities.

Feel free to verify Dr. Dan’s credentials…you may call the University of Metaphysics Administration Office at: 1- 888- 866- 4685


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