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Dr. Dan’s Paranormal…and The Unexplained

A Fun, Mysterious, & Frightening Experience

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Journey into the past…to a time and place when the paranormal and supernatural was more common and one could not be sure of what was truly real.

…Experience the Unexplained…

Dr. Dan’s exclusive paranormal demonstrations…and Reading…are a collection of demonstrations that will cause you to wonder and question everything you thought you knew about your reality.

Lots of audience participation will make your event a unique and fun experience for everyone. Once experienced…you will never be the same. Dr. Dan…will take you on a journey deep into the realm of the paranormal and the unexplained.

“More of This is True Than You Would Believe…”

Current scientific technology has demystified many myths about the paranormal our forefathers thought to be true…there remains however, an unyielding…even unconscious yearning in us to accept paranormal events that cannot be explained…as real.

Have you ever wondered what possibilities there may be outside the boundaries of our human experience? It’s time to take a journey into the unexplained…where technology has no place…into the incredible world of the paranormal and the unexplained.

Experiencing supernatural and paranormal activity at your event…much of which is concealed by a veil of secrecy and intrigue…teasing you…and your guests, into asking questions about the workings and wonders of our Universe.

Never before has such a mystical assortment of paranormal demonstrations been presented…leaving you with the question…“What is my reality…and can it be explained by current technology and science…?”

Dr. Dan’s Paranormal Demonstrations…are a reminder to us that even with all our technology of today…we still can not answer those profound questions… ”Where do we go when we pass through the veil…? And why are we even here…?

Will These Questions be Answered…?

Be assured…after you experience Dr. Dan’s Paranormal…& Readings, and witness his demonstrations…you will feel an intense sense that there is mystery and wonder in our current day and age…yet to be experienced and explained.

Dr. Dan’s

Lecture & Paranormal Demonstrations

Exciting…Mysterious…and an Amazing…Experience

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and into a world of the paranormal, a world not like ours at all. The question is…how far down the rabbit hole of mysteriousness are you willing to go…?

Lots of audience participation and even some laughs…your paranormal demonstrations will be a unique experience. Unexplained mysteries abound…you may only use the edge of your seat during the mysterious happenings…!

        Dr. Dan’s Paranormal…The Unexplained

…Is an astonishing collection of paranormal demonstrations and bizarre twists on what you may have thought of as real…and will cause you to question everything you thought you knew about what reality is…

The Supernatural…The Strange…Bizarre…and the Unexplained…

Your Party & Demonstrations Can Include:

Intuition: Answering questions from guests not spoken…

Aberration: Divination and interactive paranormal experiments…

Telepathy: Transmission and reception of thoughts from one mind to another…

Clairvoyance: Perception of objects, persons or events, without the use of the physical senses…

Readings: Various types of oracles are used and demonstrated for readings. Some oracles you’ve seen before…others you haven’t…but everyone will be amazed...

Dr. Dan’s Paranormal…Demonstrations…& Readings are an Entertaining Experience with thrills, chills, and manifestations. Your show lasts approximately 2 – 3 hours and will be an unforgettable and enlightening experience. Show dates fill fast…

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Video’s of Some of the Items Used

In Dr. Dan’s Psychic & Paranormal Demonstrations

 Dr. Dan’s Artificial Medium Chamber

The Real Dr. Frankenstein…? Death to Life Electrophysiological Device

Dr. Dan’s Ancient Egyptian Head of Prophesy